Artwork is to be submitted in one of the following formats:
1. CorelDraw 12 – with all fonts converted to CURVES
2. Freehand MX – with all fonts converted to PATHS
3. PDF – High quality print
4. Adobe Illustrator – saved as AI CS with all fonts converted to OBJECTS
5. EPS
6. All images to be in CMYK at 300dpi
7. Bleed: should your design require bleed, please allow 3mm all around to be added to your trim size.

We will not take any responsibility for the print quality, resolution or print placement of Jpeg, MS Word,
MS Powerpoint or MS Publisher files and such errors are for the clients account.
Please note that the above formats are NOT considered a recognised professional format which
requires us to recreate your Artwork in a Design package and is chargeable at our Art Recreate rates.

You are welcome to email us your artwork if your files are less than 5MB in size, or alternatively
please bring your artwork to us on CD.

  • Curves, paths and objects are when all fonts within a file have been changed to outlines. Also convert fonts before writing or creating your PDF as even embedded fonts can beome corrupted and result in incorrect reproduction

  • PDF stands for Portable Document Format file which is platform independent ie. any computer can use it

  • EPS stands for Encapsulated Postscript file.

  • Bleed includes any Colour or Picture or Text that meets the trim edge of your design. The artwork needs to extend to 3mm over the trim edge of your design.